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”I have had dentures for probably 10 years. They were, to say the least, not well made! However, were very expensive! I no longer was able to enjoy going out to dinner or even enjoy eating at all until.....

I met the staff at Elmhurst Dental.

I am so happy with my new dentures and the implants are amazing, wonderful etc ....I have been so pleased and excited about my smile, the security of the implants and enjoy eating again. The implants were very easy and after one day, the small amount of

discomfort I had experienced was gone. I was able to eat normal food and after about one week enjoyed the first steak I have been able to chew in YEARS.

I would encourage anyone with dentures to have this procedure done, it

is so worth it!

Dr. Gartner is excellent!!! His staff is remarkable!!!

Thank You Dr. Gartner and Dr. Groh”

Sandy McKinney

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